Keikou Nishimura I

The grandfather of the founder, Heiichi (1900-1945), came to Kyoto from Yonago in Tottori to become an apprentice to the lacquer ware master Kouunsai Tanaka, who was a descendant of Soutetsu Nakamura. He learnt the technique of overcoating and became independent. He specializes in the top-coating of bowls and other tableware.

Keikou Nishimura II

The second generation, my father Isao (1932-2012), studied under his uncle Keisai Inoue, a pupil of the first generation. He specialized in painting the finishing coat of tea ceremony utensils. His most famous work is with the lacquerer Mutsumi Suzuki (whose father is Hyousaku Suzuki II).

Keikou Nishimura III

Kei (1966-) studied under Hyousaku Suzuki III and later under his father, Keikou II. His works range from tea ceremony utensils, tableware and bentwood to art pieces. Keikou II was greatly influenced by Mutsumi Suzuki's work, which he worked on as a finishing lacquerer. Keikou III’s bentwood works are the fruits of this influence.

初代 西村圭功・二代 西村圭功・井上圭斎
Right, Keikou I and the second generation on the lap of Keikou I.
Left, Keisai Inoue, the nephew and apprentice of Keikou I.
二代 西村圭功・三代 西村圭功
Back right, Keikou II. Left, the present generation.
Photo Naoyuki Ogino


1966Born in Kyoto, the eldest son of Keikou Nishimura II, a master lacquerer.
1985Graduated from Kyoto City Dohda Senior High School of Art, Department of Lacquerware
Became an apprentice to Hyousaku Suzuki III.
1994Became independent as an heir to the family business
2003Certified as a "Traditional Craftsman" by the Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries.
2008Assumed the name of Keikou Nishimura III.

Solo Exhibition

2016"Keikou Nishimura Exhibition: Nuritate", Kaho Gallery, Kyoto
"Keikou Nishimura Exhibition", Imura Art Gallery, Kyoto
2019"Keikou Nishimura Exhibition" Kaho Gallery (Kyoto)
"Keikou Nishimura Exhibition - Interactive Form" Takashimaya Kyoto Art Gallery, Kyoto
2020"Dialogue -Another story-" Galerie Ashiya Schule (Kobe)
2021"Keikou Nishimura Exhibition" Kaho Gallery, Kyoto

Group Exhibition

2010Two person exhibition "Raku and Urushi" Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree, Paris
2014"The Beauty of Materials" Galerie Marianne Heller, Heidelberg
"One Vessel, One Confection", Mitsukoshi, Nihonbashi, Tokyo
2015"Kyoto Lacquerware", Miyako Messe, Kyoto, Awarded the Kyoto Prefectural Governor's Prize
2016"Kyoto Lacquerware Exhibition" at Miyako Messe, Kyoto, awarded the Mayor of Kyoto Prize
2018"SHOKUNIN" Portland Japanese Garden, Portland
2019"Reborn Tradition - Contemporary Japanese Crafts from the Ise Collection" The Museum of Fine Arts, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
2020"Savoir-faire des Takumi Dialogue and Co-creation" Atelier de Paris, Paris
Nihonbashi Takashimaya Arts and Crafts Salon, Tokyo

Art Fair

2013"collect 2013", Saatchi Gallery, London
2017"Singapore Art Stage" Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
"Art Fair Tokyo 2017" Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan
"Kogei Kanazawa 2017" The Share Hotels KUMU, Kanazawa
2018"Art Fair Tokyo 2018", Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
2020"collect 2020", Somerset House, London
Photo Tadayuki Minamoto